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NOTE. As of spring, 2014 (after 33 years!), LEEWS stopped scheduling live programs (at which questionnaires were distributed, on which attendees often left comments).


I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people. I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers from the best firms in the country. Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in aiding that study. I came to Cornell from a school that was not a top tier undergrad. To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps you sift through the multitude of material and get to the meat professors want to see on an exam. I fared far better than I expected. Thanks so much.

—Sean Akins, Cornell '07

The simplest way to convey my satisfaction with LEEWS is to say that not only did the program live up to all the claims made on its flyers, but Mr. Miller was very funny as well! Overall, the program was entertaining as well as informative.

—Jason Peters, UVA '04

I almost didn't come. But once here the light bulbs just kept flashing on over and over. I learned more in eight hours than I have in five weeks of law school.

—Justin Heideman, Mercer (GA) '00

I was skeptical of the claims on the flyer. Now I feel you have more than fulfilled all your promises.

—Kevin Gates, U. Houston '98




NOTICE. The latest edition of the Primer (book)—Tenth Edition, copyright 2016—is included with the audio (CD) program. Prices for the audio program (incl. book and shipping!) and book alone have been raised for the first time since 2010. (Still a bargain at no more than the cost of a new casebook.)

"Yes," the new Primer (Tenth Edition, copyright 2016) is substantially improved and expanded, incorporating lessons learned since publication of the last edition in 2009. The previous version, of course (along with audio program), proved highly effective for many years.

Your attention is directed to the free, downloadable book at this website—Gaming Emperor Law School.

W. Miller/LEEWS

(Audio CD program [incl. book]; or book [“Primer”] alone)

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Two weeks (even days) is enough time to grasp and implement the system for pulling apart essays to (systematically!) identify issues. However, respecting "loading the toolbox," course outlining and other preparation aspects, especially building skill at analysis, be sure to get started on your program immediately. See page 125 of the Primer—"What to Do When It's Late in the Game"— for what needs to be accomplished between now and exams.

No more nervousness! Be comforted by the fact that, over many years, students who took the early December live program in NYC (days before exams) improved greatly and typically outperformed classmates. (There is simply that much law students need to know about this process and don't.)

NOTE. LEEWS CDs are like older music CDs. They are not DVR (no video). CDs can be downloaded to ipods/mp3 players, etc. much like music CDs (via i-tune or j-tune type program on a computer). Some will have to acquire a CD player. (Sorry. $5 at thrift stores.)

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