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I’m a 3L and currently “Grand Chancellor,” class of 2011. (1st in my class w/a 4.13 GPA.) I believe in giving credit where credit is due. LEEWS factored significantly in my academic success. [Audio program, summer before starting.] (This despite a median – for my school – LSAT score.) It framed not just my approach to taking exams, but my approach to thinking about the law, and thus what I took away from my classes. Scored several highest grade awards. In one where the final was out of 50 points, I ended up with 37 – and the median score was 12!

(Mr.) Kris Teng, Univ. Texas ’11



Registration via Phone

Note: all information provided is for the sole use of LEEWS (e.g., to contact you, if necessary). No information will be shared.



TO REGISTER BY PHONE: please supply all requested information in the form below and press SEND. Then call 1-800-765-8246 and leave the following information (NOTE: all information received at the 800 number is secure):

  1. Name (as it appears on the credit card)
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Unless notified otherwise, your place in the program will then be confirmed.

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$135 (US)

Individual discount rate through Wednesday prior to program.  (Note that payments made before the start of business on Thursday qualify for the discount.)
Individual registering Thursday to Friday noon preceding program. (After Friday noon you must register at the door!)
Member, group of 3-6
Member, group of 7-12, OR 13 or more and organizer seeks to claim a free course
Member, group of 13 or more and no one seeks to claim a free course
$ Amount if paying for more than yourself.  Enter name(s) of others you are paying for in the comments field below.
$70 Repeater (must complete Repeater Information, below).  Be sure to bring your book.
$60 Repeater with friend or part of a Group
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Repeater Information

A "REPEATER" is anyone who has purchased the audio program (primary purchaser only), or has previously taken the live program.
I have:
Purchased LEEWS audio program
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  Fall Program
  Winter/Spring Program
If Purchaser of
LEEWS Audio:
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Note: Repeating attendees should be prepared to produce a photo ID at check in.
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