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I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people. I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers from the best firms in the country. Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in aiding that study. I came to Cornell from a school that was not a top tier undergrad. To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps you sift through the multitude of material and get to the meat professors want to see on an exam. I fared far better than I expected. Thanks so much.

— Sean Akins, Cornell '07

The simplest way to convey my satisfaction with LEEWS is to say that not only did the program live up to all the claims made on its flyers, but Mr. Miller was very funny as well! Overall, the program was entertaining as well as informative.

— Jason Peters, UVA '04

I almost didn't come. But once here the light bulbs just kept flashing on over and over. I learned more in eight hours than I have in five weeks of law school.

— Justin Heideman, Mercer (GA) '00

I was skeptical of the claims on the flyer. Now I feel you have more than fulfilled all your promises.

— Kevin Gates, U. Houston '98



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NOTE: Subsequent payment adjustments occasioned by joining/forming a group, etc. will be determined at program check-in and made following the program.  Advisement of changes affecting payment status should be reply e-mailed or left at 800.765.8246 by 7:30 a.m. the morning of the program.  Do not revisit the website to make adjustments.

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$135 (US)

Individual discount rate through Wednesday prior to program.  (Note that payments made before the start of business on Thursday qualify for the discount.)
Individual registering Thursday to Friday noon preceding program.  If after Friday noon, do not register online.  Follow directions as noted just above.
Member, group of 3-6.  Pay this amount unless certain a lower amount applies.  Adjustments downward (or upward!) will be made at the door.
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